Owl Themed Baby Shower

Last weekend I had the opportunity to co-host a baby shower for one of my very best friends! I already shared some of my inspiration, banners, and free printables, but here is the low down on the beautiful day! The true centerpiece was a fabulous cloth diaper owl one of my co-hosts, Jessica created.  (If you want ... continue reading

Rolled Book Page & Burlap Garland

I have been a book page crazy person this past week! This is one of the garlands I made, and I am loving it on my neutral, calm, and peaceful mantle. I suppose I should be sprucing for Easter, adding bunnies and all that, but I think Larry pretty much takes care of business being ... continue reading

Burlap Owl Banner & Fabric Printing Tute

Have you all been printing on fabric yet? Well, I have been experimenting  for a while now and wanted to share my recent project and a few tips. I made this simple and rustic banner out of scrap burlap and fabric and some jute. We will be using it for an upcoming owl themed baby shower. ... continue reading

Rustic Holiday Mantle

My holiday style is simple and rustic and I am loving this easy mantle I put together this year. I found the garland for half off at Hobby Lobby and am planning on snagging more for next year at the after Christmas sale. I love the pine cones and natural feel. There is that old ... continue reading

Burlap & Fabric Pin Tutorial

Last week, I shared some amazing fabric pin inspirations. Here is the first version I made and how I made it. It was super easy and cost next to nothing. You will need: 16 strips of BURLAP 4 strips of FABRIC 2 FABRIC circles PIN, CLIP, or BARRETTE HOT GLUE GUN SCISSORS (2) Glue the ... continue reading

Simple and Sweet Burlap Wreath

  I really do like wreaths and I love making them. Take a look at this fun wreath I created last spring... Then the lovely sun which pummels my front door with intense heat every afternoon did this to my wreath.... Lesson learned, no glue for wreaths that will adorn my front door. I wanted ... continue reading

Paper Doll Halloween Tree

I seriously LOVE this Halloween Tree. It was so easy, cost next to nothing, and is so fun and original! A while back I did a post on free downloadable paper dolls. The other day my daughter dug out one of the sheets I had printed for her and I started thinking about different ways ... continue reading

Burlap and Chalkboard Candles

I have had this chalkboard fabric laying around FOREVAH! I can't believe I haven't used it yet...wait, I can't sew so that may be part of the problem! I even did a post with tons of ideas and ways to use chalkboard fabric...A YEAR AGO! So, for Pete's sake, I finally did something with it-a ... continue reading

Mini Chalkboard Collection

This was so quick, easy, and inexpensive! I bought 4 photo frames from Dollar Tree, took out the glass pieces, and painted them with homemade chalkboard paint-2 coats! Then I used some of my burlap from Burlap Fabric .com and whipped up 4 different embellishments-one for each frame. I also used some medium gauge wire ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- My New OBSESSION… Burlap

I am freaking insane over burlap. Did you catch my post on Monday? I love the idea of reusing old coffee sacks and environmentally friendly burlap for my projects. Burlap is made from jute and jute is a fast growing crop which is harvested annually. Burlap is grown in warm and humid climates which makes ... continue reading