Main Ingredient Monday-Book Page Wreaths

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects A little different this week. I am hosting craft night this week and have been furiously working away to find some fabulous tutorials for different types of book page wreaths. Here are my favorites. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I love the ... continue reading

Rustic Burlap Wreath

I am not the best wreath girl. I love them, love to look at inspirational ideas, and see what other people create, but when I make them myself I am never quite satisfied. My poor door has been boring and naked since Valentine's Day passed and I just had to do something about it. Originally, ... continue reading

Shakespere My New Decorating Partner

A few weeks ago I did a Main Ingredient Monday post about projects to do with book pages. This one really jumped out at me and I decided to use it and create my own version. I had a devil of a time getting the silhouettes printed. I used spray adhesive and attached the book ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday-Book Pages

Oh, I know. I have probably posted about book pages ten times in the past. However, I have a mild obsession and there are always new and inspiring projects out there to copy. Main Ingredient Monday is simple. Take one main ingredient (book pages) add some creativity and find twenty amazing projects. #1 Butterfly Wreath ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday-20 Magazine Projects

Man, this little feature that I came up with is just feeding my pinterest addiction! I start off looking for one thing, like magazines, and end up pinning a bajillion other projects and ideas as well. I have too many ideas and just not enough time...sigh. Why can't there be 34hours in a day? Anyway, ... continue reading

Valentine’s Wreath from a Bunch of Old Junk

I made this little number last year, but I was barely beginning to blog so I decided to share it again! I cut a heart from an old diaper box.  I tore out book pages form an old book and Mod Podged them haphazardly on the front of the heart. (Make sure you choose an ... continue reading

FLY Away

I made these "FLY"  letters last year for my son's bedroom. I have had quite a few questions and comments about them, so I decided to make another set, give you a tutorial, and I am going to put them in my ETSY shop. I grabbed all of my supplies: 1. Wood or Paper Mache ... continue reading

Lovely Little Cloche

I don't have a whole lot to say about this sweet little piece. It was plain wood and I used my homemade chalk paint to spruce up the bottom. I used vintage sheet music to make paper flowers to fill it with. Those flowers have gotten soooo much easier to make and I only had ... continue reading

Musique Box

I may be turning into a hoarder. My husband, Ian,  just shakes his head every time he walks into our garage and sees "My corner."   I keep accumulating things and slowly our guest room in the basement and the garage are filling up with "treasures" or as Ian calls it, "stuff." One little nugget ... continue reading