Easy Recycled Succulent Planter

Recycled Coffee Can book page succulent planterTeacher Gift from Too Much Time on My Hands feature

These are my favorite kind of projects... 1. quick 2. simple 3.recycled 4.CHEAP! I took an old coffee can, an old copy of The Works of Shakespeare, and my Mod Podge and created a simple planter. I cut a few book pages into small squares. I painted my can with Mod Podge, stuck my book ... continue reading

Thrifty Craft Room Redo

Easy organized loft craft room office fature

I did this little redo for under $400. Including the bookshelves, table, chairs, curtains, carpet, and organizational boxes. pretty much everything in the room other than the actual craft supplies. When we first moved into this house our loft was a big giant mess. Then I took what we had and some thrift store finds ... continue reading

Got Circles?

Book Page Circles Mini Wreath 1

I went crazy with my circle craft punch folks.... I punched out about a bajillion circles from 2 of my favorite "to be cute up" books. Do you ever feel guilty cutting u books? I am an avid reader and love books and other people have told me they feel terrible shredding books, but for ... continue reading

Grow Wise Little Owl

Owl Book Page  Pennant Banner 4

I am in high gear getting ready for an owl themed baby shower for one of my very best friends! This was so easy and cost next to nothing to make! I started with my trusty old Shakespere book-I use it ALL the time for Book Page projects! 1.I free handed the little hang tags 2. ... continue reading

{Another} Book Page Wreath

Folded Page Book Page Wreath 2

So right, I get it. Been there done that... But man, I just A-DORE book page projects and have made a couple of wreaths to go with my garland and wanted to share. This was made with a Special K cereal box and 2 old books I grabbed at the thrift store for 10 cents ... continue reading

Rolled Book Page & Burlap Garland

Rolled Book Page and Burlap Garland 5

I have been a book page crazy person this past week! This is one of the garlands I made, and I am loving it on my neutral, calm, and peaceful mantle. I suppose I should be sprucing for Easter, adding bunnies and all that, but I think Larry pretty much takes care of business being ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday-Book Page Wreaths

6 Bookpage Wreath Tutorials copy

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects A little different this week. I am hosting craft night this week and have been furiously working away to find some fabulous tutorials for different types of book page wreaths. Here are my favorites. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I love the ... continue reading

Rustic Burlap Wreath

7slider copy2

I am not the best wreath girl. I love them, love to look at inspirational ideas, and see what other people create, but when I make them myself I am never quite satisfied. My poor door has been boring and naked since Valentine's Day passed and I just had to do something about it. Originally, ... continue reading

Shakespere My New Decorating Partner


A few weeks ago I did a Main Ingredient Monday post about projects to do with book pages. This one really jumped out at me and I decided to use it and create my own version. I had a devil of a time getting the silhouettes printed. I used spray adhesive and attached the book ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday-Book Pages


Oh, I know. I have probably posted about book pages ten times in the past. However, I have a mild obsession and there are always new and inspiring projects out there to copy. Main Ingredient Monday is simple. Take one main ingredient (book pages) add some creativity and find twenty amazing projects. #1 Butterfly Wreath ... continue reading