Yahooing from my Phone is Easier Than Ever

Does anyone else rely on their phone for important emails throughout your day and every day? Whether it is a last minute sub at my kids school, a work deadline for one of my two businesses, or my husband needing something for his business: I am checking my e-mail constantly.   Using the email feature ... continue reading

Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is awesome in so many ways. We have a supportive creative community we interact with every day, we get to use our creativity and express ourselves with virtually no constraints.  I mean, it's my blog and I can pretty much do whatever I want and I like it that way;) For my first year ... continue reading

Back In The Saddle Again!

"I'm back in the saddle again..." Too bad I don't look that cool! I feel like I am back to creating, writing, and having fun instead of fighting with codes and widgets and pixels-YAY! No, seriously, I have found a wonderful, talented, helpful, and sweet person to help me get this blog ship shape and ... continue reading

My Memories-Awesome Digital Scrapbooking Software

I am not a scrapbooker. I am crafty in many ways, but I have never actually completed a scrapbook.I get all jazzed and buy a bunch of scrapbooking stuff and then it all collects dust in my basement closet. Same with card making, invitation creating, and baby books. I love it...when someone else does it. ... continue reading