Rad Mustard Yellow Dresser

It started with this end table I did a few months back... It moved into my guest room and then I ended up having to change everything! I painted the walls, created a chalk art sign, a pallet sign, and then redid this dresser to match! I used the same yellow as the end table ... continue reading

Time to Hang Up Your Junk

Another fun before and after! I found this little wooden sign at Goodwill for $2.99. The style wasn't exactly  my cup of tea, so I ripped off the "welcome" and pine tree scene and then it sat in my garage for 9 months. Sometimes inspiration is slow to come! I painted the whole thing black ... continue reading

A Lil Table Redo

I snagged this little wooden end table from Goodwill for $2.95. It was a bit dinged up, but solid and sturdy, so I figured I could fancy it up  for my son's bedroom. Since he isn't being rocked much anymore (well he IS almost 4!) we decided to ditch the rocker for  a table for ... continue reading

Call Me Andy Warhol

Has everyone seen these amazingly cute and fun soup cans? Campbell's is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol's Soup Can Series with these freaking fabulous limited edition labels! I found mine at Target and seriously couldn't resist purchasing one of each design. Lucky for me, my son could live on Campbell's Tomato Soup. He ... continue reading

Faux Zinc Letters $2 Each

I love the look of these Anthropologie weathered zinc letters. They are chunky, industrial, and worn. $18 each is waaaay out of my price range, especially when I want to spell a long word! I have seen some knock offs and decided I needed to make some for myself. I also wanted to do it ... continue reading

Industrial Chic Desk

Ahhh, this desk. This darn desk took me many, many tries and 2 weeks to get just how I wanted it. This was a GREAT deal from goodwill. Marked as $39.99 but it was half price day on white tags so it was $20 bucks. It is solid and take a look... Quality too! I ... continue reading

Burlap and Chalkboard Candles

I have had this chalkboard fabric laying around FOREVAH! I can't believe I haven't used it yet...wait, I can't sew so that may be part of the problem! I even did a post with tons of ideas and ways to use chalkboard fabric...A YEAR AGO! So, for Pete's sake, I finally did something with it-a ... continue reading

Personalized Journals

Last Saturday morning, my daughter and I realized that she had a birthday party that afternoon and she INSISTED on making something, SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-DUPER Crafty as part of the gift. I just don't know where she gets it from?!?! So as I ransacked my craft supplies I uncovered a few blank journals I had purchased from ... continue reading

My Gallery Wall

Last week I shared some amazing Gallery Wall inspirations. I found so many fabulous ideas, I had a tough time narrowing mine down to a reasonable size. I have a feeling it may grow in the future! Here is what I came up with for my monster wall along my staircase. Whatcha think of that ... continue reading

Cute Little Step Stool

I have discussed our addiction to step stools before. Here are a few I have done up and some that have turned into step stools out of necessity. Since I am redoing our powder room, I decided this sad little number could be retired to the kids bathroom, after all they don't really care what ... continue reading