Main Ingredient Monday- 20 Halloween Paper Crafts

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects I love paper crafting! It is such an inexpensive way to add some fun to your home. With halloween coming up, I decided to try a few with my kids and was so excited to finds tons ... continue reading

Fall Home Tour

  Good morning everyone! I am so excited to be part of this amazing Fall Home Tour with so many of my favorite bloggers. If you are stopping by from, The Caterpillar Years, welcome! Too Much Time on My Hands is a place where I share easy DIY and craft projects, lots of Earth friendly upcycling ... continue reading

Spooky Halloween Chalkboard Art

I absolutely LOVE this giant chalkboard in my kitchen. But it has been A WHILE since I did a good seasonal chalk art project. I have always loved this quote and was happy to find so many inspirations on Pinterest. It's a lot of copying and erasing and copying again. It is getting easier though ... continue reading

Blinged Out Turquoise Faux Pumpkin

Hands down, my favorite Halloween craft I have ever done. A few years ago, I did some creative decorating on real pumpkins and then realized how silly that was! They lasted the fall season, but then were thrown away. I hate it when I do stuff like that!  I WAS NOT going to make that ... continue reading

Spooky Spider Candles $1.25 each

Easiest and quickest Halloween decoration ever! I was talking the other day about my poor kids were dying for Halloween. I get it-I like candy too. But honestly, it is not my favorite holiday. You won't catch me dressing up or draping cobwebs in my house from ceiling to floor. It's one of those things ... continue reading

DIY Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece

This is one of those super easy rprojects that I thought would be gorgeous and halfway through had to put on the brakes and change plans. I originally wanted the jars to read, "FALL." They look MUCH better like this though! I bought multi surface paint that I hoped would adhere to the jars better ... continue reading

Faux Pumpkins Three Ways

I wasn't fibbing last Monday when I told you I had bought a bunch of fake pumpkins to hack! Every craft store I have been visiting had those ugly fake pumpkins on sale. For most of them, it seems you need to alter them to make them look real-so I decided to go crazy and ... continue reading

Book Page Feather Fall Decor

Yesterday was Labor Day andw e were nejoying the lovely last minutes of summer and today I am breaking out all of my Autumn decorations.  Fall is my very favorite time of year, and I love the easy and thrifty deocr that autumn brings. Do you all decorate for fall or just wait for Halloween ... continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you area ll cozy and warm surrounded by loved ones today. I am very thankful to be with my family in Pennsylvania today. We do not get to see each other enough, but we value the time we do get with one another. I am thankful to be here to ... continue reading

The Best Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

My son has been screaming for pumpkin pie for weeks. I personally don't really like it, so I have been trying to get around it by making pumpkin roll, pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin pasta. Check out my 20 favorite pumpkin recipes right here. Anyway, let's just say we have had A LOT of pumpkin seeds ... continue reading