Call Me Andy Warhol

Has everyone seen these amazingly cute and fun soup cans?

Campbell's is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol's Soup Can Series with these freaking fabulous limited edition labels! I found mine at Target and seriously couldn't resist purchasing one of each design.

Lucky for me, my son could live on Campbell's Tomato Soup. He is happy with the soup and I am happy with the labels.

I carefully took the labels off of each can, some were little buggers, but mostly they came off pretty easy.

Then, I thought and thought and thought about how to use them in some creative and super amazing way.

I dug that cork board out of my goodwill stash and it was a perfect fit.

For the soup can label I mean...not a perfect fit for my taste:) I busted it apart and grabbed my Mod Podge to get the soup label in place covering up those country ducks!

Then I spray painted the wood frame and the cork board. Reattached the tiny key hooks and was done.

Such a quick and easy project!

It will be so cute by our garage door in our kitchen!

Now, what to do with my 3 remaining soup labels?

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  1. This is what I did with them! Aren’t they the greatest!?

  2. Love the lables! I need to check my stores. =]

  3. That is a super DUPER amazing way to use that soup label. 😀

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