Bundt Pan Umbrella Planter

Bundt Pan Patio Table Umbrella Planter from Too Much Time on My Hands 2 copy


This project was so simple and I just love the pop of color on my patio table now! I have been searching for the planters that fit around your umbrela on your patio table and was not happy with the prices I found.  I didn't want anything too big, but was hoping for a nice way to display some flowers or even herbs on our patio table in a cute way.

Bundt Pan Patio Table Umbrella Planter from Too Much Time on My Hands 6 copy

I hit the thrift store and found a ton of bundt pans.  There are so many styles and sizes, so I bought 4 for $5 and figured at least one of them would work for me. I came home and tried them all out on the table before I started. 2 of the holes were too small for my umbrella, so keep that in mind if you try this project! Don't make a beautiful planter and then at the end discover it doesn't fit your umbrella:(

Bundt Pan Patio Table Umbrella Planter from Too Much Time on My Hands 1 copy

I started by cleaning my metal bundt pan and letting it dry. Then, I chose a bright blue outdoor spray paint that matches my outdoor dishes. I sprayed it with a few coats and let it dry. Then I loaded it with some pansies that should be able to tolerate our up and down early spring weather.

Bundt Pan Patio Table Umbrella Planter from Too Much Time on My Hands 3 copy

This entire project cost about $8 including all of the supplies, flowers, and potting soil-YAY!  I may switch them out to herbs this summer, because I think it would be great to have the scent of basil and oregano floating around while we enjoy our summer dinners outside.

Bundt Pan Patio Table Umbrella Planter from Too Much Time on My Hands 5 copy

Have you found any brilliant upcycling ideas that worked for you lately? I am always ready to try new ideas and love reusing items instead of buying new "stuff!"

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  1. Love this! What a great idea! It will make a fun and bright addition to our backyard, for sure.

  2. This is such a great idea!!! I am going to make one this weekend… We are supposed to have 90 degree weather next week and eating outside will be great!

  3. Patricia Routt says:

    This is one of the best idea’s I have seen. So simple, and you are right planted with a few herbs would be yummy.

  4. JaneEllen says:

    We are planning to make a nice area down by trees this summer. Back of our house faces west and it’s so hot in summer by house, it’s miserable. Since we have a nice shady tree down below (house up on small hill) we’re going to put pallets for flooring, a rug or two and our patio set. Then we can enjoy eating outside under the shade. (Will have to put something around perimeter of platform so chickens can’t get on it and poop indiscriminately as they are wont to do, lol). We live on other side (west) of mountains few miles west of Grand Junction, the CO river is about 2 miles due south of our house. We can see Highway 70 from our house. Being up on the hill is an advantage as we can see all around the valley, great views.
    I’m going to get one of those bundt pans to put around the umbrella. Last year one of our daughter’s neighbors left a nice patio set when they moved so we got it, their chickens and coop also. Talk about win, win. Your flowers around your umbrella are quite inspiring so will have to do this. If we could put a pergola up would be great but neither one of us is able to do the work so we’ll make nice outside area down below where we’ll have tree to shade us.
    Your pansies look so pretty and cheerful in that pan, looking forward to doing this when weather makes up it’s mind this year. We live outside of Loma.
    Hope you had great weekend and will have wonderful week.


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