{Another} Book Page Wreath

So right, I get it. Been there done that...

But man, I just A-DORE book page projects and have made a couple of wreaths to go with my garland and wanted to share.

Folded Page Book Page Wreath 3 copy

This was made with a Special K cereal box and 2 old books I grabbed at the thrift store for 10 cents each. Now, it would have been so awesome if I took photos along the way and could share a proper tutorial, but alas, I did not. Sometimes I act  like I have never blogged before. So I will attempt to explain and I am sure you can figure it out from the photos if you want to make one!

Folded Page Book Page Wreath 2 copy

I cut a circle with a hole in the middle from my cereal box. I tore out whole pages and folded them in fourths.  Then I hot glued them and folded them into my center hole as I got to the inner layer.

Folded Page Book Page Wreath 4 copy

Then I cut a smaller circle from my cereal box, tore pages out of my second book. I folded these pieces narrower and glued them on my circle to resemble a flower. Glued a button in the middle and popped it on the front of my fabulous new wreath!

Folded Page Book Page Wreath 1 copy

It was kinda challenging to get those inner pieces to look smooth and nice around the inner circle. So I went back with folded pieces and glued them right on top of the edge of the inner circle all the way around.

It's not rocket science or anything, but next time I will be more responsible and get my action shots to include.

sig 4

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  1. So cute! I love anything made with book pages. 🙂

  2. This is a pretty cool project. Would love to have you link this to What to do weekends Party. Following also. Linda


  3. This turned out so CUTE!!!!!

  4. So pretty! x

  5. This wreath is cute! I tried to make the kind with paper cones and failed but I love using old paper. This one might be better for me . . . Your blog is great!

  6. I love the look of this!!!

  7. JaneEllen says:

    Your wreath is a keeper, looks fairly doable for somebody with two left feet, lol. I’ve tried making the wreath with the cones but they didn’t come out too well, pretty wonky. Not fault of the paper, I just don’t have the manual dexterity to wrangle paper that way. Loved how you made the cone wreath, but I took one look and decided I’d better find another wreath to make. Sometimes we just have to accept our limitations, lol Obviously you’re not limited with things like that, you make it look so easy. Now folding paper I can do, (at least I sure hope).
    Enjoy your blog very much, love seeing what you’ve been doing when I get a post from you.
    It’s hard for me to tear pages out of old books but I’m learning to on old books I get a thrift stores also. Not that those books are any less valuable to readers. Happy Days

    • Yes Jane those cone wreaths ARE a pain to get just right. this one was way easier and faster to finish! I so appreciate all of your comments and you following along:)

  8. I love bookpage wreaths. I still need to make one sometime!

    • Jeeze, they are so easy too! Just pick a good movie, pop yourself down with the supplies and you will have a wreath before the movie is over:)

  9. Wow I totally love this idea! I am definitely going to attempt making one! I would love if you shared this at my Thursday link up party on Thursday (obviously? lol). Hope to see you!

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