Craftstruction for Kids of All Ages

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Mom's are always the last to know....

I had three boxes of Qixels sitting in my dining room, just waiting for the perfect time to break them out for the kids. After school one day a few neighborhood kids were hanging out here when all of the kids discovered the boxes. They went CRAZY! All of them yelling and cheering like I was some kind of hero. They had all heard of Qixels and begged to open them up and start playing. So we did and boy did they have a blast!

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I was a little nervous because there were a lot of small pieces and little fingers involved. I was afraid of a disaster, but Qixels were actually great with no mess and no hot glue or heat to worry about either. Qixels is a creative activity set that inspires kids to use their imagination with cubes that fuse together with a blast of water to create an 8-bit world of monsters, warriors, ninjas and more, all while stepping away from screens. There are pattern cards to get them started, but all of these kids went crazy creating their own original creations as well.

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I love having a creative craft activity, "craftstruction," that appeals to boys! My daughter already has so many craft kits, which she loves, but his one really was very appealing to the boys.  We had kids from 5-9 playing with ours, but I can defintiely see even older kids making cute key chains, backpack tags, and other personalized creations too. The unique play pattern in Qixels inspires boys to be creative and hands-on as they construct their favorite pixelated characters using the design templates and their own imagination.

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Build designs one Qixel at a time! The Turbo Dryer will fuse the designs in half the time! Kids can lay the Qixels out on the Fuser station, spray with water and close the lid. They’ll have a blast pressing the plunger with high-speed action to set the station spinning, air drying the Qixels in record time.

Check out this demo and see how easy it is!

Qixels have taken up permanent residence on our dining room table. Every child that walks in our house just has to stop and make a personalized creation. There are theme boxes, the Fuse Blaster, the Turbo Dryer, and many more kits to keep your kids happy and busy with a hands on activity that engages their creativity and fine motor skills. You get everything you need inside each box! Qixels are appropriate for ages 5 and up and easy to find at mass retailers like Target and Toys R Us.

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I will now be buying these for a few kids on our shopping list. It has been a while since I have found a toy that engages such a wide variety of kids across so many ages. I am a pretty hands on creative kind of person and that is something I love to instill in  my own kids and foster in all of the kids I know! And what parent doesn't appreciate a high quality and quiet activity to keep kids entertained and engaged during these school vacations and cold winter days when we are trapped inside?

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  1. Those are so cool, easily one of the toys on a shelf that I would overlook had I not seen this!

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