Picture it, Halloween 2011 and my husband looked around our home at the 19 projects I had created, redecorated, and  crafted for the season and declared, "you have too much time on your hands!"  I giggled, but the statement stayed with me and has eventually turned into this blog. I share all of my ideas, crafts, upcycling, redecorating, cooking, healthy living, repurposing, and parties here.


 I used to be a teacher and loved using my creativity in my elementary classrooms. When I became a mom and was home with my kids I really missed that creative outlet. Little projects here and there turned into lots of projects, furniture refinishing, cooking adventures, and redecorating our home.  I am so blessed with the growth this blog has had and thepart time job it turned into that totally fits our family and our schedule.
 We live in Denver and spend our time camping, hiking, skiing, and enjoying the Rocky Mountains. I am a passionate reader and spend the rest of my free time tinkering around our home. Our children are 5 and 7 and the greatest joy in my life.

   I try to publish 5-6 times per week. Monday is Main Ingredient Monday where I choose 1 "main ingredient" and find 20 projects using that main ingredient, Tuesdays and Saturdays are when I show off my crafts, projects, recipes,natural living tips and room reveals. Thursday is our big 6 blog linky party The Handmade Hangout where you can share your handmade creations and get inspiration from 400 different entries!

    I am so glad you took a minute to find out who I am and I lvoe to get to know my readers too!  I truly appreciate all of the comments, advice, and ideas I get here, so please speak up, no need to raise your hand. Just jump on in and let me have it. Please e-mail

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  1. Love your site! I have two little ones still in diapers. We are moving into a bigger house soon and I’m looking for thrifty projects for furniture as we will have more space to fill up. I came across the modge podge desk and now I’m excited to try it out!

    Love the blog! I enjoyed keeping keeping one -but then I had babies back to back. Maybe when they start school one day. 🙂


  2. Just signed up to follow you by email. I hope some of your spare time will wing its way over to me!!

  3. I can’t believe I didn’t know “who you were”!!! I love teachers. Good for you for being home with your little people, it is so worth the sacrifice. Love how your blog got it’s name. That was basically me when my kids were ages 3-7. And I had two crazy twins! I think it wasn’t too much time on my hands, it was two many children on my hands, so I had to start painting, DIYing, crafting to keep my sanity in tact. Now my husband tells me how thankful he is I have my business, because according to him, I have enough energy to power a small city. He said, “I don’t even want to think about what you would be like if you didn’t have an outlet for all that energy, it would be just scary”. Probably I would have DIYed my entire home 10x over by now.

    I wish I had even 3% of the creativity you have. You always come up with the best projects! Love ya, -K

  4. HellO!

    Love your site.

    May I ask which state you are from?


  5. Just found your blog…and SO glad!

  6. Hey Kim, I have tried to add you on google plus but I get a flash of the screen shot and then it disappears. Not sure if it’s just me, but I thought you might want to know, (if you didn’t already).

  7. Debbie Bray says:

    Love your site!! I also grew up in Allentown, in fact I still live near there in Macungie, PA11

    • My dad used to live Macungie! My entire family is in the area still; Bethlehem, Coopersburg, and Allentown. We go back twice a year so I can catch up on my cheese steaks, pizza, pierogies, high school gossip, and such:)

  8. Hi kim, came across your ideas on Pinterest for redoing a dresser, then read the one on the zinc letters, then on the chalk paint, where (yes this is a run-on sentence) I read “little black chair” and was like “oh hell, she lives in denver…..”. So now I have a few questions and was wondering if I emailed ya if that’d be ok without being too much of a pest. It centers on blogging/writing vs. kids, etc. and how you find the time. Or not. Email me back instead of replying here if that works better for you. Love the blog. Will follow. And thanks.

  9. Debbie Z says:

    Where was the photo of you and your husband taken that has the falls in the background? I am a fellow PA native now living in Huntsville, AL

    • That was at Gulfoss Falls in Iceland. We took an amazing trip there last fall. Where did you grow up in PA? I’m from Allentown!

  10. Hey there…

    I think I have been reading your blog for a while (yes, addicted to them all, as well. I’m a New England gal, but moved to Denver in 1984. I’m a tad bit older than you, LOL! I have been living in the Denver area, most recently in Parker for the last 13 years. My kiddos grew up and I became an empty nester, sooooo, I’m now down in Old Colorado City (West Colorado Springs) as my hubby has been working down here for about 6 years.

    I really enjoy your blog and love have a “neighbor” to follow. Your home is darling… once reason I hated living in Suburbia and looked forward to moving to a more eclectic area. Renting now, as we aren’t sure where we want to live “when we grow up”…

    Just wanted to say “hey neighbor”… I was up in Denver on Sunday moving my oldest daughter into her new apartment in Capitol Hill. I miss those areas, but “been there, done that”. She’s living a few blocks from where I lived back in 1984. The rents are a tad big more!!!! But the ‘hood is still the same. We had breakfast (well, lunch) after moving at the Jelly Cafe… yummmmmm! Like you, I miss the great food from back East… especially since I grew up in a family owned Italian restaurant in CT! My dad is from Moon Run PA (Pittsburgh). Yep, there’s a lot of us Easterner’s out here, where it’s friendly and less stressful!

    • Howdy Neighbor!
      We used to live near Garden of the Gods and Centennial for a few years when our kids were first born. I LOVE OCC! What a small world. I lived in Capitol Hill when I first moved here too and I miss Pete’s Kitchen! Be sure to keep in touch, it is so fun to know someone close by is keeping up around here. Thanks for following along,

  11. Thanks for another great party, Kim 🙂

  12. Lol! I’m in the car linking up from my phone and I must have hit a bump and ended up here thanking you for your party! I did get a chance to learn something about you though; I didn’t know you were a teacher. That’s awesome! Yes, this blogging world can become an addiction ha ha! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  13. Kim,

    I have an 11 year old daughter who loves to make crafts. I am getting her a Dremel 4000 with the stand for christmas. Can you give me any pointers or advice as to how I can keep her interests. Places for projects and things like that.
    Thank you for blogging.


    • Kevin, honestly I have not done a lot with my Dremel! I know there are tons of inspiring projects on Pinterest and then she can find fun ideas and keep a list of what she wants to do.

  14. Hi- I also grew up in Pennsylvania! I had an idea for MIM: how to use the little plastic spools that come with the Rex lacing. The smaller spools just “speak” to me somehow! Because of a move, I threw them out, but I would have kept them anyway if I had thought of ways to use them. I felt like growling when I threw them out- they just seemed to say, “craft me please!”

    • You are awesome! Isn’t it funny how certain junks calls to us and our creativity:) I will be looking around and hopefully find enough ideas to turn this into a MIM!

  15. Hello from faraway England – it is wonderful how the internet can make the world smaller and bring people together. I am just about to look at your spring crafts post and wanted to thank you for your generosity in sharing your creativity with us all. I also loved looking at the photos of your lovely family! Enjoy your little ones – they grow up so quickly!
    Love from Pauline (Rutland, UK) XX

  16. LOL, I live in CO too, in Centennial. We Colorado ladies should get together some time. I just discovered a shop near where we have breakfast every Sat. and it’s called “The Little Black Chair” and used to be in Littleton. I went crazy in there and loved everything they had. Email me if we can get together sometime. What a coincidence 🙂

    • I have been there! SO CUTE! There is a FB group called Colorado Bloggers Club-you should join. They try to plan get togethers too

  17. i love working with bed springs!!! What kind of clip did you use for the recipe card holder?


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