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Easy DIY Welcome Sign Tutorial from Too Much Time on My Hands 3 copy

This was supposed to be a tutorial, BUT while loading the pics onto my laptop I accidentally deleted everything instead of uploading everything. DER! I am actually surprised that has never happened to me before now and let me tell ya, I will be much more careful from now on!

Do you have a welcome sign at your front entryway? We have a cute Christmas sign, but after taking it down this past holiday season, my dreary wintertime flower-less porch looked sad. I had to do something about it, but I didn't want to spend much money. This is what I came up with.

Since I can't show you what I did for my easy and cheap new welcome sign, I will have to tell you. I started with an unfinished plaque from Hobby Lobby that cost about $2.50. I spray painted it black and then hand painted the edges white.

Easy DIY Welcome Sign Tutorial from Too Much Time on My Hands 2 copy

I printed out my message and then used a carbon transfer technique (you can find a tutorial here) to trace the letters onto my plaque. Then, I used an Elmer'spaint pen to color in my sketch. It looked a little plain so I used a simple stencil for the star at the top. I finished it off with two coats of poly-crylic, a waterbased polyurethane that is easy to clean up.

My husband's family is from Holland, so I decided to use the Dutch "welcome" to make my sign a bit unique.

Easy DIY Welcome Sign Tutorial from Too Much Time on My Hands 1 copy

What do you do to brighten up a wintertime porch?

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