Easy 3D Valentine’s Banner

3D Heart Valentines Banner 8 copy

After all of the Christmas craziness, I don't usually have the energy to do much decorating for Valentine's Day. I am just happy to have my organized house back to normal and not too keen on mucking it up again. But these kids do like a little fun and I figured if we keep it simple, everyone will be happy.

I paired this super easy banner with a new quote on my kitchen chalkboard and just love it. Mostly because it took me about 10 minutes to be decorated for Valentine's Day:)

All you will need is:

Scrapbook paper

coffee filters



3D Heart Valentines Banner 10 copy

I love this rustic metal chain from Decor Steals and it fits right in with the weathered wood chalkboard.

3D Heart Valentines Banner 3 copy

See, so super easy and just a little different from any other decorations we have.

3D Heart Valentines Banner 4 copy

I looked around Pinterest for quote ideas and this is the one I chose.

3D Heart Valentines Banner 5 copy

It was a lot quicker to finish than my Christmas Chalkboard!

3D Heart Valentines Banner 2 copy

Do you do much decorating for Valentine's Day?


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