My Grand Plan- My 1st Sewing Project

The Grand Plan 2

I am feeling pretty darn good about myself!

It's only February 4th and I have already tackled 2 items on my 2013 to do list!

Last week I shared how I organized our garage in a way that I can use it for a workshop, we can keep our family outdoor gear there, and we can park a car there. AHHHH that one  feels really good!

Now, onto my next adventure, I took a sewing class!

Sewing Class 1

It was 2 sessions and I now know how to thread my machine, load the bobbin, untangle my bobbin thread, sew some straight lines,

sewing 2

untangle my bobbin thread, replace a presser foot, and  untangle my bobbin thread (again).

I also learned my old machine is a piece of junk and that is why I keep getting tangled-I was just glad it wasn't my fault!

sewing 1

The first week I made a sub par pillow case that isn't fit to be shown around. But, the second week I actually created something tangible and kinda cute.

Easy First Sewing Project Owl Drawstring Bag 1 copy


I actually made this cute lil drawstring bag and the best part is,

I Could Do It Again!

It is lined and works, and doesn't have any holes, or crazy mishaps. While making this, and cursing as I tore out yet another crookedy seem, a lovely grandma wandered by and said,

"A man riding by on a horse sure wouldn't notice that crooked line!"

Love it. I gave it to my daughter and she looked at me like I was a superhero.

"You made that????" 

Yes I did, with no pattern, pinning, tape measure, or even sample (can you say-questionable teacher?) and it was still successful.

Remarkable actually

Easy First Sewing Project Owl Drawstring Bag 4 copy

It feels so exciting and gratifying to really accomplish some items from my to do list. Learning new skills and creating useful stuff-it is awesome!

Is there anything on your to do list that you have tackled lately?

Any new skills or projects you have tried?

How empowered are you feeling from it?

Because I feel like...well a superhero!


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  1. Very cute!
    You’re never too old to learn a new craft!

    Congratulations on learning to sew!

  2. Yay! Good for you! And what an adorable, wonderful grandma you have. The bag is also adorable. Stopping by from Salt Tree.

  3. LOL! You look too cute! Congrats on your owl bag. Adorable! I bet your daughter has put some cool stuff inside. I love the random comment from a grandma. Too funny!

    I learned how to sew…kind of…I can only do super basic stuff. lol I have been meaning to start sewing again. I have a easy project I need to do for my sons room.

    Have fun making more spectacular things! 🙂

  4. So good for you!!! You are actually moving forward on your grand plan. I took a sewing class several years ago. It really helped a great deal. My sewing machine and I are not best friends, we are more like 2nd string friends that might sit at the same table for lunch sometimes and exchange pleasantries, maybe even do some homework together. I hope someday we are besties. Working on it.

  5. You go, girl!!! You are on your way! I’ve been sewing since I was 12……let’s just say over 50 years, ‘K? I’ve ALWAYS wanted to teach someone to sew! One daughter took it in high school, the other learned enough to patch things. My granddaughter came along and I thought, aha! someone to teach. But she wasn’t interested…until she got pregnant with her first….and by then she lived in Alaska! Fortunately, I have a friend from a neighboring church who wants to learn, so we’ll be starting this weekend! I just hate to see the “art” of sewing dying, you know? So congrats to you for crossing another item off your list!

    • I know. We truly need to hold onto things like sewing and try as we can to pass on the knowledge and love! Good for you for finding someone to share your expertise with:)

  6. AWESOME!! My mother-in-law just gave me her sewing machine because learning to sew is also one of my biggest goals, too! This makes me feel motivated to try. What’s a bobbin, again?

  7. That’s great well done – I just started to learn to sew at the end of last year and it’s amazing what you can quickly achieve. I’ve got a sewing blog just for beginners like me, and you! Drop on over to see some of my successes – and failures. I also have a lot of free pattern links too.

  8. Super cute owl bag. I may have to dig out my sewing machine – I haven’t sewn for years.

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