Get Schooled Saturday #55

Too Much Time On My Hands

So happy you have joined us for another great weekend of creative and crafty sharing!

At Get Schooled Saturday you can link up anything fun, creative, thrifty, special, or crazy you would like.

No rules-so have fun!


***I am sorry there aren't any features from last week's party. All of my Link Parties from Linky Tools are gone, I think he is having some trouble over there, we all know how technology can be!

I am however switching back to in-linkz for a couple of reasons. I have never had any technical issues with the service. And more importantly, even if my pay subscription expires, the thumbnail linkies  are still forever visible on my blog. If the Linky Tools pay subscription expires so do all of the linky parties. I also use the link up tool for my page collections of crafts, DIY, "kid stuff," etc. that are up in my menu. It takes me a lot of time to get all of the posts organized and the collections completed, so I certainly don't want them to be disappearing, as some of them have right now with the Linky Tool issue. I have also had issues for the past 3 weeks of the schedule ahead option and the party not going live when it was supposed to.

I am hoping to be back on track with the party going live every Friday at 6 pm MST from now on!


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  1. Hey there! I was so excited to get back to blogging regularly again and catch up. Your link isn’t showing up! Ugh. I have had my share of problems with linkytools. I have not had any errors with inlinkz, that were not my own! Good luck. Be back when you get a chance to fix it. Happy New Year! -K

    • Hey, Girl!
      My husband always says to me, “Maybe it’s the indian and not the arrow.” He was right this time. I forgot which code I was supposed to snag from In Linkz, but fixed it now:) So nice to see you and I am excited to get back into my blog routine too!

  2. I feel for you with the technical issues Kim. I know how that can be. I’m excited to link-up. Looking forward to great things in 2013

  3. Hey Kim! Thanks for hosting, glad the code thing is fixed. Darn codes! Happy New Year! ~ Julie

  4. Very interesting about Linky Tools. I have never been a fan of them and I recommend InLinkz to everyone. Thanks for the party!

  5. Thank you SO much for hosting, Happy New Year!!

    xoxo, Tanya

  6. Thanks so much for hosting.
    Happy new Year.

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