Style Spotter Post on BH&G

I am so happy to be guest posting on the Style Spotter blog on Better Homes and Gardens today!

Again, such an honor to be associated with Better Homes and Gardens AND so much fun to share my top moments of the entire experience with their followers.

It was fun to share the reality of the experience and not just the perfect final photo. I have such a new appreciation of what goes into every photo in Better Homes and Gardens and can hardly believe they actually get it done every single month! I mean, seriously, look at what happened to my home when I heard they were coming!

Luckily, I got the place cleaned up before they actually arrived!

I would love for you to pop over and check out the story I posted today.

I know this is turning into overkill, but I feel like this has been such a unique and big and once in a lifetime experience that I just need to take it for all it is worth. Believe me I am soaking in every last morsel of excitement!

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  1. congratulations Kim, I don’t think it’s overkill. I would be shouting it from the rooftops if I were you. I shared on my facebook.

  2. WOW! Im so excited for you and I dont even know you! I know you must work hard to get it and you deserve it.. I would love to get interviewed someday from a magazine.. I also want to thank you for featuring my Garden Suitcase! Hugs Maria

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