Oh, What a New Lamp Can Do!

I have a little story about our powder room.

It had a BEAUTIFUL brass fixture when we moved in and I have wanted to switch it out every single day for the past three years we have lived in this house. However, it just wasn't quite high enough up on my list of priorities to buy a new one. One day, I decided  I could try and paint it and maybe that would fix my issue with the fixture.

Well, I wanted to paint it then, right exactly then at 2 pm on Wednesday afternoon while my son was napping. I snatched that sucker off the wall, after turning off the electric to the bathroom first, of course! I spray painted it with one coat of metal primer, and then 2 coats of black. Probably rushing it a bit, because hey, that kid only napped for like 1 1/2 hours and I wanted this DONE!

Then I realized the glass globes were really bugging me too. Hmmmm, I had some frosted glass spray paint in the garage and I thought that would do the trick. I even went the extra mile and decided to wash the globes before I painted them because apparently my cleaning lady (me) had been neglecting that chore. All bright and shiny, I started spraying the glass and them realized very quickly that the glass wasn't all the way completely dry (rushing because of the napping child remember). Let me tell you here and now,

wet glass and frosted glass spray paint are not friends and should never be allowed to play together!

Well, the fixture looked awful and I still didn't have money to replace it, so back up it went and now my bathroom was a dark cave. You couldn't see a darn thing in there.


Fast forward to last month and I decided I could take it no longer, I needed to be able to see in that powder room!  We brush teeth, do hair, and get ready for school in there. I was leaving the house in a crazy state of disarray every day! So, I jumped over to Lamps Plus to see if there was anything reasonably priced (CHEAP) that would fit my needs.

Well, I was happy as a clam to find out I could buy a rusty bronze fixture with THREE bulbs for under $30! I was so excited when it arrived and I am happy to say this is like an entirely new room!

Lamps Plus 1

The best part is I can even show you my cute little Coke crate camera display!

Coke Crate Camera Display

Before this new fixture, I couldn't photograph anything in there! Now, it is so bright, my doctor could conduct a medical exam in the room, and that is how I like it!  Although there is one draw back, I can see every piece of dirt and dust. So the cleaning lady has had to amp up the cleaning routine, but I am OK with that!

While I was visiting Lamps Plus I came across a new product that is SOOOOO exciting!

Color Plus lamps and matching shades




Color + Plus™ made-to-order lamps




There are 60 different base colors to choose from in the Color + Plus made-to-order lamp collection! Each base color has four different shade options! How stinkin fun is that? This is my favorite and would look great in my master bedroom!


It is just amazing what the right lighting and a great lamp or fixture can do to change a room! I mean my bathroom is like a new room in our house, now that we can actually see in there and have a lovely fixture to look at to boot!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective; the opinions expressed here are all my own.

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