Maple Bacon Sugar Cookies

The Bacon Bash is history and my home is still infused with the scent of bacon.

I am kinda over it.

Today, I wanted to share my amaze-balls Maple Bacon Sugar Cookie Recipe

 The bacon is only sprinkled on top and not laced throughout the cookies so you can easily adapt this recipe-

as if someone would want cookies WITHOUT bacon!

Of course, you can make plain sugar cookies by switching out the maple flavor for vanilla extract in the icing and omitting the bacon. This really is a great recipe that has taken me 4 years to perfect and these cookies are ALWAYS a hit!


  1. Found your tasty recipe via Live Laugh Rowe. I will have to pin these… my boyfriend loves bacon. :)

  2. sounds pretty yummy. How many does this make? Thanks JaimeLee

  3. For the love of all that is pork! I must try these TODAY! Seriously! They will be making an appearance on my blog! Look out for the trackback!

  4. i am a huge fan of adding bacon to things, and i am looooving bacony desserts. i want some of these cookies, they look deelish!


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