Chicken Wire and Sticks Tree Topper DIY

This is my favorite part of the tree I did for Better Homes and Gardens!

We collected sticks one day on a hike and got to work!


10 Sticks


Bed Spring

Chicken Wire

Hot Glue

(1) Lay the sticks out in a star shape (get a template here) and hot glue all of the ends

(2) & (3)  Wrap and hot glue jute around all of the ends

(4) Tie the spring to the base of the star. Then wrap and glue jute to secure the connection

(5) Lay the chicken wire on top of your star template and trace with a marker. Using gloves, but out with wire cutters. Then attach with hot glue and wrap with more jute at the ends, if needed

Better Homes and Gardens also has my tutorial on their website.

You can also find directions to make my recycled paper ornaments and shopping bag garland here.

I will be saving our wrapping paper on Christmas morning to use for more ornaments for next year! Any old paper you have will work for these projects. Junk mail, newspapers, or old magazines. I have such a hard time with all of the waste I see this time of year, and this is one way to reuse many things that end up in our recycling bins.

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  1. I love this tree topper! I made one kind of like it but yours is way cuter! I would love if you shared this at my blog hop

  2. So adorable! Thank you so much for linking up to our blog hop! Follow my adventures at!
    xoxo, Jordan

  3. I love that star! Just my style…

  4. That star is awesome! What a great idea. Your whole tree is rustic perfection!

  5. Such a great tree topper!

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