Upcycled Shopping Bag Garland Tutorial

I absolutely LOVE this garland!

Last year I made a similar garland but for this

Ultimate Recycling Project Christmas Tree for Better Homes and Gardens,

I just couldn't used bought paper. So off I ran to my stash of shopping bags, and to the phone to hit up all of my friend's stashes as well!

I used bags from Macy's, Ann Taylor Loft, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Banana Republic. Now that Christmas is on the horizon almost every store is using red, green, or white bags so you won't have any trouble finding them!

I really think that being able to see to images is part of the charm!

Buy yourself a scallop edged circle paper punch, jute, hot glue and get to work! Here is the link for the full tutorial, I helped with on the Better Homes and Garden's website.

I am also selling them in my shop, if you aren't feeling crafty. Wait, does that really ever happen?

You can find out more about the Recycled Paper Ornaments HERE

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