Upcycled Christmas Tree Art

I am playing a little game and it's called'

"How many projects can I make from ONE scrapped fence?"

So far I am up 9, including this rustic little number. I am not sure anyone else wants to play this game with me, but hey, I am open for more players if you are in.

I built a small frame out of my fence wood. Then I spray pained a piece of cardboard silver and secured it to the back of the frame.

Then I broke a bunch of sticks and built myself a little tree. I just hot glued each stick to the silver cardboard.

Then I hot glued an old washer as my tree topper.

I am really liking it and kinda wishing I made it GIANT sized. This one is about 12" x 8". I may have to take the kids on a big hike tomorrow and gather some BIG branches. You probably won't believe me, but I actually do still have enough fence left and I could make a frame as tall as me... Don't tempt me, I just may do it!

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  1. Cindy Jones says:

    Love, love your frame and tree art. My husband,daughter and I have built three fence wood frames for 3 x 4′ chalkboards this week. And today we rebuilt a section of 4 x 5′ fence to cover some unsightly mechanical panels. All this is now hanging at the grandkids school. Our daughter is going to paint the school logo on the large panel. Still have lots more wood to work with too.

  2. Love it! So simple and yet so pretty!

  3. Oh pretty! You MUST make a larger scale of this. It will look fantastic!

  4. I love the nut on the top! 🙂 Quirky and charming.

  5. This really is so beautiful. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  6. I love your wood tree! I may just have to take a walk into my woods, and pick up some sticks for me.

  7. Wow Kim it’s wonderful I would love it if you came and shared it at my link party at http://www.twiggstudios.com/2012/12/sunday-show-off-linky-party.html

    Hugs Aimee xxx

  8. Brilliant. I’m going to troll the rest of your blog to find the other eight projects you did with your fence! Love it, love it. Pinned this! Found you thru Nifty Thrifty Things.

  9. Total cuteness! Of course…everything you create is GREAT! XO, Aimee

  10. Lisa Marie says:

    So cute and simple! I love the rustic feel!

  11. This is so charming and simple. Thank you for linking up at Homa Style’s 12 Days of Christmas Party.

  12. Ooo, LOVE this!


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