Healthy Homemade Spaghettios

I try really, really, really hard to feed my kids nutritious and delicious food. However, I am not perfect. I have been known to succumb to a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and a can of Spaghettios in my time.

Then, last week at my son's school as I worked on a yearbook project interviewing three year olds about their likes and dislikes , I learned my sons favorite foods are, "bacon and meatballs." It was a proud moment! I would have guessed broccoli, my famous homemade pizza, or the air popped popcorn he eats by the barrel-full. But alas, it is bacon and meatballs.

On our way home that afternoon, we stopped at my very favorite European market, where the make their own mozzarella every morning, sell their secret recipe sauces, and offer imported delights I find hard to resist. I spied this bag of pasta and decided I would do my darndest to create a healthy version of Spaghettios and Meatballs for my son.

I used organic tomato sauce and paste and pureed the carrots myself. I also used bison meat, but use whatever you enjoy.

This made a lot. I froze the leftovers in a bunch of containers and am so happy to have them waiting for me when I need a quick and healthy meal for  the kids that I know they will enjoy.

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  1. I would love to make “real” spaghetti and meatballs for my kiddos…thanks for sharing the recipe! (passing this along to my readers today, too) Thanks!

  2. I’m so glad to have this recipe. Thank you for developing it and putting it out there! My son has become an atrociously picky eater in his toddlerhood but this is the sort of thing he will (generally) eat. I like the idea of having a lot of it in the freezer to pull out when needed.

  3. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I made it one of my features on today’s post to share with my readers! My kids love spaghettios, now I just have to find the pasta. Thanks again !

  4. You are a genius!! My boys won’t eat anything from a can, so for that I am thankful… yet having something easy would be nice! lol

  5. Awesome recipe! Pinned it to try later!

  6. I am inviting you to come and share this in my Show Your Stuff blog hop, the party runs from Thursday evening until Tuesday:

  7. Pinned. Wonder if those noodles are available at a “regular” grocery store? hmmm…
    Found you at 6 sisters!

  8. What a great idea and so much healthier!

  9. I have been wanting to make homemade Spaghettios for so long but I’ve never been able to find that pasta. I even go to specialty store. Hmm, I’ll still keep a wide eye open because this looks so good. I could almost smell it when I opened the post. We don’t eat canned stuff, or many proccessed food, this is something I’d definitely love to make.

    • I know! I hate giving my kids canned and processed fodd, but I definitely do it sometimes. Now I have these in my freezer for when I am lazy:)

  10. how do you puree your carrots & how long will it last in the freezer?

    • I puree them in my food processor or you could use a blender. I freeze them in zip loc bags and they have lasted me at least 6 months and still tasted great.

  11. Sheepish question…the 5 C water; is that supposed to be added to the tomato sauce/paste/carrot puree? The meatballs just came out of the oven and are looking MAHVELOUS. Thank you!

    • OOOh, jealous I am craving some of these myself. Yes, I added the water to the sauce mixture until it was the consistency I liked.

  12. Ooooo I just pinned this!! Thank you! My kids LOVE spaghettios and I always WANTED to find a homemade recipe but never took the time to look around for one. This looks so good and I think my kids are going to love it! Thank you!


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