Main Ingredient Monday- T-Shirts

What to do when your fave shirt gets a stain right on the front, or you accidentally shrink it in the wash,

or you get in shape and it's too big (wooo!)?

I have 20 solutions for ya!

This is Main Ingredient Monday. Where I choose 1 main ingredient, add some creativity, and find 20 different projects.

1. Braided headband from Delia Creates

2. Layered dress from Innovative Sewing

3. Wall art from Crafts 'n Coffee

4. T-shirt yarn from Craft Passion

5. Latch hook rug from Xoelle

6. T-shirt weaving from Alpha Mom

7. Memory scarf from Craftzine

8. T-shirt aprons from Ruffles & Stuff

9.Pom Poms from Blog A La Carte

10. Necklace from Whole Living

11. Shrug from Craft Room Confidential

12. Girl's dress via Mom Click

13. Braided bracelets from V and Co.

14. Memory blanket from Stars for Streetlights

15. 2-tone scarf from Live Love Craft

16. Upcycled dress from How Joyful

17. Baby bibs from A Little Tipsy

18. "New" shirt (blog has been removed:(

19. Girls' halter top from Crafterhours

20. Tote bag from Chi Chi Dee Handmade

I am going to dig through an old bag of clothing marked for goodwill. I think I tossed some of my husbands old t-shirts in there and


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