Eating Your Veggies?


This post is sponsored by Country Crock. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

I love gardening and growing my own food. As my kids are getting older they are becoming more a part of this part of our life and I think my excitement is rubbing off on them! There are many vegetables and fruits they happily eat and some I even have to limit their consumption of, mainly broccoli. They will eat theirs and sneak all of mine while I am not paying attention.

However, these kids get stuck in their ways and we are currently on the broccoli, peas, raw carrot carousel and they are frightened of trying any new veggies. When I learned of this opportunity to expose my family to some fun new ways to eat veggies, I jumped at the chance.

Country Crock is a great way to spruce up some veg and a simple way to make them delicious for everyone. I started this fun adventure by downloading the Clare Crespo Cookbook. Well, my daughter caught a glimpse and we spent the next 30 minutes discussing veggies, recipes, and which ideas we simple had to try!

Mushroom Gnomes, Sweet Potato Volcano, Eggplant Veggie Wagons.....Oh don't worry we have a list and a calendar because we certainly could not narrow it down to 1 recipe.

I made an executive decision to try the Polenta Stoplights. I love polenta and the kids are scared of it and they are also leery of peppers. So I wanted to get some bang for my buck!

I love cooking with the kids and when they hear me banging around pots and bowls getting ready to make dinner they come running, grab their kitchen chairs, and sidle up to me at the counter. So they were mildly WILD when we went grocery shopping to buy our ingredients for the Polenta Stoplights.

We came home and got to work washing,

chopping, mixing, reading the recipe, and just having a great time.

Let's just say, involving kids in the planning, shopping, and cooking process is a great motivation to be adventurous and try new foods. We didn't hide the veggies or try to trick them into eating the veggies (I have been known to hide pureed carrots in  my homemade macaroni and cheese), we embraced the veggies and guess what?


I also brushed all of the stray polenta pieces with the country crock mixture and we nibbled that crispy goodness as well!

Say what? You thought I actually got away with only preparing one of these recipes? Yeah right..that same afternoon we made the Mt. Veggie Volcano

and it was seriously AMAZING...I ate so much of it I was a good way:) My daughter was all, "Where are the trees? What about the grass? I'm going to get some dirt from the back yard!" Sorry sister, but we are actually going to EAT this one!

AHHHH, sweet success, I love when things turn out so well.

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