Main Ingredient Monday-20 Magazine Projects

Man, this little feature that I came up with is just feeding my pinterest addiction! I start off looking for one thing, like magazines, and end up pinning a bajillion other projects and ideas as well. I have too many ideas and just not enough time...sigh. Why can't there be 34hours in a day?

Anyway, here is this  week's main ingredient


and 20 projects for you to create with them!

I am a "greenish"person and REALLY try to do my part to save the trees and all that, but I sure do love magazines. Like too much. Any of you ever check out Tanga? I get most of my subscriptions from there and never pay more than $3.95/year for each subscription. While that is all well and good, and my inspiration boards are overflowing with decorating and craft ideas, recipes, and kid ideas, I do feel guilty about all the waste.

So this is making me feel lots and lots better!

1. Lampshade

via The Daily Green

2.End Table

via Sustainablog

3. Ruffled Flower Bracelet


4. Wall Art

via Sustainablog

5. Magazine Bowl

A Little Hut

6. Magazine Shelf


7. Doll House

Art For Little Hands

8. Holiday Bunting

Jo Blogs

9. Medallion Bracelet

via Needham High School

10. Photo Frame

via Sustainablog

11."Love" Wall Art

Style by Evadina

12. Trash Can

DIY Life

13.  Coasters

How About Orange

14. Cross

Saved By Love Creations

15. Wall Art

Kara Paslay Designs

16. Butterfly Embellishments

Homemade Serenity

17. Paper Bead Tassels

Design Sponge (with a tute!)

18. Sunburst Mirror

via Sustainablog

and another mirror example

19. Wall Art

Fabricated Ends

20. Gift Bows

How About orange (with a tute!)

So, go dig your old mags out of your recycling bin and save them....did I tell you I am beginning to turn into a hoarder?

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  1. Wow…I never thought to use magazines in so many cool ways! I love the trash can and the coasters! 🙂

  2. Wow!! Amazing that you make such beautiful things from what we would ordinarily just trash!

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