Earth Day Thursday-Spring’s Coming, Start Your Seeds

Let me paint you a picture....

Every year about this time I get spring fever, start cleaning up the yard, going through my pots, and planning my garden for the summer. I am so excited in fact that I start planting seeds. Not a few mind you, like a lot. Have I mentioned my miniscule backyard? I end up with 40 tender little seedlings and no matter how hard I try to get them set up with the perfect conditions,  I kill every last one when I try to move them outside.

But alas, every spring I get motivated, more knowledgeable, and driven, and declare that THIS will be the year I actually deliver life...and a few tomatoes to my families mouths.

So, here we go again. I am planting seeds and getting excited and crossing my fingers that this will be the year. Honestly, the whole process is so fun and educational for the kids, that it is worth the effort anyway. We need some markers for all these seeds littering our window sills, tables, and shelves so here are some cute DIY ideas to make your own.

I am LOVING these upcycled broken plate pieces from Ester Coombs

Cute little birdie markers from Balcony Gardner

These were made with Mod Podge and the tute from Artsy Va Va is super simple.

These vintage fabric flag markers from Design Sponge could really brighten up my garden!

BRILLIANT-use the seedpackets and then protect them with Mason Jars-of course it is from Martha Stewart

I just think these markers from Susan at Homeroad are so simple and lovely.

Another great upcycle from Katie Brown.

I am loving these elegant markers from Wit & Whistle.

Yeah, yeah...another one from Martha, but I just couldn't resist the rocks! Have I mentioned I collect rocks from everywhere we go. My husband put his foot down when I tried to steal a twenty pounder from Death Valley. He was worried about what it would do to our gas mileage all the way back to Denver!

Monpetitchou Boutique  has "twisted" these vintage forks into awesome plant markers.

These markers from Michelle Made Me remind me of campground signs..and I love camping:)

Subway tiles! From This Old House.

3 Packs of wooden spoons are $1 at Dollar Tree so go make these from Little Green Fingers

These slate (or maybe DIY chalkboard paint) markers would be great indoors.

WOW! Camp Pine Needle's hand drawn markers are A-MA-ZING

I don't live anywhere near the beach, but if I did...from Going Coastal

Do we have any quilters in the house?

Here are some that I made last year.

Now that the seeds are growing we need to create some cutie markers to keep it all straight!

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  1. I love the ones with the spoons… and the forks! so very cute. I tried to make the clay ones after seeing them on pinterest but wow…. they were bad haha. I don’t think clay is really my forte’ lol. Perhaps next time I will let my daughter handle that type of project for me. I have been thinking about doing the stick ones for my little indoor garden but I think I will have to try one of the silverware ones.. such a unique and cute idea. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. I really like it when people take care of their garden. Some people just let the plants grow wildly.

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