Decoupage Fabric Desk

Hands down, my fave-fave-fave project to date.
Let me paint a picture....
I was wandering aimlessly through the ARC at 9:46 last Monday morning, when suddenly a  vibrant light shone out from across the store, I was catapulted through the aisle and grabbed this baby with wide open arms.
Her pricetag read $25.99 and I was hooked but then a lovely employee whispered in my ear, "white tags are half off today." I pushed that monster up to the register immediately. A nice man tried to help me by loading ii onto a cart to wheel through the store and up to the register, but I threw an elbow lest he try to steal my new-found treasure. I mean, seriously, check out these amazing pulls!
I would have paid $25.99 just for the nine drawer pulls. But I got the whole shebang for $13.00!
I have been wanting to try decoupaging fabric onto a piece of furniture for some time and this was it. I hit the jackpot at Hancock's last week in their bargain bin. Remnants for $5.00 a yard. I found a bunch of beautiful patterns and I decided to dive right in.
I poured through 6 different tutorials for the process and decided to start by painting the entire piece of fabric with one coat of decoupage. This makes it easier to handle and prevents any fraying while cutting to fit.
While that was drying I stripped and sanded this beauty. I painted the base of the desk yellow, the edges black, the bottom inside of the drawers blue,  and the top I left natural wood with 2 coats of polyurethane.

Next, I turned the fabric upside down and laid each drawer front on top of it.
I traced each and then cut out, then trimmed, and trimmed again.

Then I DecouPaged (the DecoArt version of Mod Podge and it works GREAT!) each piece onto each drawer front (2 coats) and trimmed the fabric edges again.

I had to use my tiny drill bit and drill holes to get the hardware screws through that thick fabric. I got all the handles back on and when I put the drawers in each opening I realized I had to trim and sand again. Apparently all those coats of paint, DecouPage, and polyurethane added about a half inch and just enough to prevent the drawers from opening and closing smoothly.

However, all the hard work was totally worth it, because this piece is SO frreakin cool!

Check out that fun blue poppin out when the drawer is opened

And I just adore the pulls!

This turned out so nicely, I might give the fab
ric finish another try.

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  1. I lOVE the fabric! What an awesome idea!

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  3. Love, Love, Love this!!!!

  4. Love the desk. The fabric gives it an all new life.

  5. OMG this is AMAZING! 🙂

  6. LOVE! Seriously, it turned out amazing!

  7. What an eye you have for a great thing, you "did real good" here!!

  8. You did a wonderful job!

  9. kim, that is awesome!!!!! my furniture makeover party starts today in 2 hrs- ii would love you to link and share this- people need to see it! 🙂

  10. I agree….hands down. My favorite thing eva from your blog for me. Wow! Factor. Link this up all around… People need to see this!

  11. This is gorgeous, perfect fabric for the desk.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I will have to try that some time! I have that fabric on my kitchen chairs and made a few throw pillows for my family room with the leftovers. Great pick!!!

  13. I likey very much! I have about 4 yards of this material and have yet to use it! Just might have to put it on some furniture!

  14. Thanks for sharing this fabulous project. Appreciate the explaination about the pre-application coat of decoupage. I have wanted to do this sort of project but am always afraid how the fabric will dry…..yours looks great!!!

  15. Holy Cow, that is AWESOME! Loved seeing the step by step process.

  16. I am beyond in love with it!! The fabric is gorgeous…and the multi-paint color finish was the perfect choice!!!

  17. Wow, this is awesome! The colors are amazing. I am dying to try this now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. I definitely likey!! I'd been wondering how this might be accomplished; I have a plastic tray that was decoupaged with fabric. I can tell by the fraying edge after 35 years. Totally awesome.

  19. Awesome find and fabulous make-over! The new paint and fabric give that outdated piece an amazingly new and exciting life!

  20. It's chic and funky – love it!

  21. I am absolutely in love with this! Great job!

  22. Although this is not "my style" I think you did a wonderful job. What a great alternative for refinishing!

  23. absolutely likey!
    this looks fantastic.
    job well done.
    c x.

  24. I love everything about this, from the desk style to the choice of fabric!! I want want want it!!! Thank you so much for doing it, and thank you for sharing it!!! I can't wait to try a version of my own!!! Where did you get the fabric?!?

  25. WOW! I found you through Primitive & Proper and I have to say it's my favorite link this week. You did such an amazing job. Love the fabric!

  26. wow! that fabric knocks my socks off!! great design eye!

  27. What a treasure, the fabric gives a great pop!

  28. I do "likey", Kim. I "likey" very much. Here's the great part: I have an item that I've been wanting to treat in this fashion and last night, I picked up the best stack of remnants. Now that I've seen your results (I was worried about tackling it and making a mess) I think I'll give 'er a go! Thanks.

  29. I adore your desk and the choice of fabric is gorgeous. Now it's a project I might just have to try. Will share on FB and Twitter and now following your blog.

  30. I'm featuring this on my blog tomorrow! I love it!! Come by a grab a button. 🙂

  31. Featuring you and your desk tomorrow during STICKER TIME Part 2…Thank you so much for sharing!

  32. Me no likey…Me LOVEY! Amazing, shamazing and Freakin' blazing!

  33. Quick Question…What did you lay your fabric on when you decoupaged it before cutting it? I can't think of where to do that part!

  34. LOVE IT! So unique! Awesome deal on the desk – and you are right about the pulls – sure can't find those today for less than you paid for the whole desk!! Great job!

  35. I love the look with fabric and I love your choice. Well done!

  36. Featuring this today! What a fabulous transformation! Love the colors and pattern!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  37. Far out brussel sprout! This is truly amazing! That fabric rocks. You've done a fantastic job, I want to try this. I'd love it if you'd share this over at my Saturday Splendour Party at 🙂

  38. This is just gorgeous. Looks so Anthropologie like!
    Beautiful colors and love that fabric…and thanks for the mini tutorial…great tip about mod podging the fabric to keep from fraying.

  39. Amazing! Can't wait to show this to my daughter – might even inspire her to clean her room ;-).

    Do you any any more photos of the actual process to share? Especially how you laid out the pattern so perfectly, and the trimming process. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  40. this is beyond gorgeous…your fabric choice and the different paint colors really pull it all together into one fabulous fabulous piece! well done!

  41. I'm blown away….this is so cute!

  42. I've got to try this!

  43. Gorgeous!!! I'd love it if you linked it up to Project Queen's "Turning the Daunting into the Do-able" @

    I'm a new follower.

  44. I likey! I am so in love, I want it!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Fantastic!! Wow, this is gorgeous…

  46. no… I LOVEY!!!!!

  47. Just stumbled across this post. Wow. Love. I redo old forgotten furniture too on occasion. This piece is wonderful. Great job.

  48. ohmygosh…just stopping by while out browsing and am so glad that I got to see this most unique, gorgeous piece!!! I love the fabric and think it would be so much fun to work at this desk. 🙂 Excellent work!!

  49. Nice redo! I have a desk with these pulls and they are fab!

  50. Oh, me REALLY likey. Absolutely stunning. And here I was just … sewing … with fabric. Silly me.

    Mary @ SeaQuilts

  51. LOVE your desk! AMAZING!

  52. Just found your blog from your post on my site! LOVE it. This desk is beautiful. I've never decoupaged but you've inspired me to give it a try. I've also linked up to your party!

  53. Very nice! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  54. wow, very pretty!! Thanks for the great "how-to" details!

  55. This is amazing!!!! Your fabric choice makes it perfect! Just love it!

  56. Oh it's so so wonderful!! I'm gonna have to try this on a piece! Congrats on your AT feature:-)

  57. I have so been wanting to try this with fabric. How did you know I wanted a tutorial on it! LOVE IT! Going to feature at my party tomorrow, thanks!

  58. I SO love it!

  59. Breathtaking! I gasped at first sight. It is truly stunning and the fabric is beautiful Bookmarking this for future reference. Have to try it out for myself.

  60. This looks amazing! I saw you featured on Redoux and I just fell in love. Great Great job!

  61. Thank you for sharing this – its amazing, the colours and fabric are fab – very inspiring.

  62. Awesome Kim! I love it! It's so nice to see something differen on Furniture Feature Friday, I love this link party but it seems like so many of the projects all have the same style & even color! You've totally inspired me to try my own decoupage fabric project! Great fabric & color selection, you gave this desk so much character! By the way, I totally do the throwin elbows running to the front desk thing too! ….or I mean I would if I needed to. ; ) I'm signing up to follow your blog, I'd love to have you check out/follow my blog if you're interested. Thanks!

  63. Awesome Kim! I love it! It's so nice to see something differen on Furniture Feature Friday, I love this link party but it seems like so many of the projects all have the same style & even color! You've totally inspired me to try my own decoupage fabric project! Great fabric & color selection, you gave this desk so much character! By the way, I totally do the throwin elbows running to the front desk thing too! ….or I mean I would if I needed to. ; ) I'm signing up to follow your blog, I'd love to have you check out/follow my blog if you're interested. Thanks!

  64. Oh wow!!! I have seen desks like this and just passed them by… i think I need one now! great job!!!
    we are having a project party on my blog if you want to join..

    Hope to see you there! Happy New Year!

  65. LOVE IT! Thanks so much for the post and your great pictures. You make it look so easy.


  66. Kim, I just love this desk. So much it inspired me to do this… which you can check out here. Not sure about the appropriateness of inserting a link in a comment – just wanted you to see what you are inspiring!

  67. What a stunning finished product! I love it.

  68. Love it – it looks fab! I have a really hideous flat packed MDF / veneer desk that I hate and would love to pretty up – could I do something similar? Don’t think I could sand it, could I just use primer?

    (I’m very jealous that you managed to get such an amazing desk so cheaply – we don’t get places like that in the UK!).

    • I know, I totally scored with that find!
      I bet you could prime it and decoupage it no problem- and I would love to see how it turns out

  69. liz wilcher says:

    Wow! I have an old card catalog that I thought of painting or refinishing, but I love your decopage. Now I b
    need to find fabric or fabrics to use. Thanks!

  70. I used adhesive fabric paper and used your desk as inspiration, thanks for sharing! Here’s mine!

  71. I love this, you did a great job!

  72. Fantastic Job! I have been playing a little with fabric decoupage myself and was wondering if you would share those tutorials? I am having a problem with the decoupage medium feeling just a little tacky on the wood, looonngg after it is completely dry. I have tons of fabric remnants and lots of ideas (thanks to all you other crafters), so I really want to keep trying.

    • Hmmm, are you decoupaging fabric onto the wood? I did one coat of decoupage on the front of the fabric and let that completely dry before decoupaging it onto the wood. It definitely dried hard and not tacky at all. For that desk I used the Decoart Decoupage in matte. I honestly haven’t done any other decoupage/fabric/wood projects. You should check with Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks, she is the decoupage queen!
      Hope that helps and good luck!

  73. Hi Kim – what a fabuous project. I have been looking into this for awhile – and I love what you have done!! I’ve put burlpa on furniture and wainscoting, did faix leather inserts for furniture – but not the fabric thing yet!

    You had to put the Mod Podge on the fabric first before you put it on the desk? It also looks like you took off the finish on the drawers before you put the fabirc on. Can you let me know? Sometimes, I am putting my instructions down on my blog in a hurry and I leave bits out!

    Great project – very creative!


    • Yup, I stripped the desk to remove the finish. I also painted the fabric and let it dry before cutting to prevent fraying. Thought I had included that info, but woops!

  74. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I love to decoupage, but have never tried it with fabric. I’ve GOT TO do this! 🙂

  75. I must say, you made could use of all that time on your hands. Love the fabric idea and will steal it now! Cindy

  76. I am SO glad I found this!!! I found an old sewing cabinet that looks just like your desk and had it in my mind to cover the drawer fronts with fabric!!! Thank you for the step-by-step instruction!!! I can’t WAIT to get this thing stripped, whitewashed and READY for the fabric!!!

  77. I love this and the fabric is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


  78. Kim, I’ve been decoupaging using scrap-booking papers and stumbled upon this post of yours using fabric. I’ve also been refurbishing old desks and dressers to give as gifts to family members… your project combines two of my favorite loves! Thanks for sharing this and for the inspiration.

    I’m curious however, what process did you do to “refinish” those drawer-pulls? They aren’t all brass any longer as in the original condition photo, and I do LOVE how they look. Thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I think it is just the lighting, because I didn’t do anything to refinish the pulls. You could use a product like rub-n-buff to add a gold, silver, or patina to metal though!

  79. This is an amazing project! I love how you worked fabric into refurbishing an old desk. The print you chose definitely works with the original character of the desk. Thanks for sharing!

  80. Do you live in CO on the Western Slope perhaps? I would LOVE for you to help me with a gorgeously hideous dresser I just purchased. I was thinking decoupage and bam! here you are sharing your beauty – the stars are in alignment! I am so excited to go fabric shopping this weekend, care to join me??
    Can’t wait to read your other posts.
    Thanks a bunch!

    • I am in Arvada! This was such an easy project though- and I am happy to help with any of your questions:) I am sure you can pull it off and I would love to see it when you are done too


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