She’s Crafty- Loft Reveal

All you naysayers thought I had forgotten all about my little loft/craft area. 
But can I get a holla?

I did it!

While I TRIED so hard to do it for under $100-I crapped out and did it for under $150. But hey, do I get a few points for being honest folks?

Let's think about where we began, shall we (pardon me while I cover my eyes).
Shake it off, just shake it off.

Here is my "new" craft room/office/loft

but hated it and decided to paint it cream...ahhh so much better!

These lovely little organizers on my reclaimed wood shelves are from my new home away from home, IKEA.

My paper organizers made from used postal boxes are sitting on a shelf I picked up at Goodwill. My printer is hiding under there. I found some cute knobs at Cost Plus World Market and they are holding my cans of buttons and glue sticks.

And some bright and sunny artwork is adorning this shelf!

This table and chairs are still my favorite part of the room! However, one little lady keeps trying to steal "MY" chair!

My "do-dad organizer" looks great and I love having somewhere for all my little teeny tiny junk. 

I painted the bookshelf and the sweet little bread box that is holding my jute and extra ribbon.

I just slopped some watered down paint on that bread box, painted the hinges and added a fun knob from Hob Lob.

And there sits the sewing machine, wonder if I am ever going to learn how to sew more than a straight line? Seriously, just threading that thing is an accomplishment for me! I thought if I have it setting out, it would be more motivation...only time will tell.

This corner with a thrift store find chair holding my fabric, my handmade lamp, and literary artwork is functional and calming...well when I'm not stashing junk over there.

I spruced up a little spice rack to hold the acrylic paint I use all the time.

And under it, an old garden chair is housing my fabric.

I'm still not sure about Big Bertha, but this monster of a desk looks better at least. I have a hard time getting rid of something so wonderfully functional, so it is staying. Maybe I will be struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration someday on how to make it lovely, but for now I am ok with this. 

I just used spray adhesive to adhere the drop cloth and then my glue gun to add the jute rope.

And this new space is WAAAAAYYY better! 
Not bad for $150 and about 3 months. 

Oh come on, I have been working on about 10 projects at once AND it was summer for goodness sakes! I am actually surprised I finished before Christmas!

So now I have a soothing and lovely place to blog, craft, and create where everything I need is right at my fingertips. It is really really nice. And the little minions catch the creative bug about once an hour and we can all cozy up together to get our arts and crafts on.

Let's compare again... 

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  1. What a great blog

  2. Just found you through Sew Many Ways, having joined Pinterest just a week ago. Love the organized area and hope it’s still looking so neat. Great job!

  3. OH MY GOSH? Look what happens while I’m asleep for a year…. Looks so good!!


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