Inspire Me- Chalkboard Fabric

Last week 
(while my kids were out of town and I had three blessed days of peace and quiet-don't be jealous)
I went with a friend to Joann to help her choose fabric for a bench redo she is planning. For once...for once, I wasn't there for anything, not a thing I needed or even wanted.

While waiting for my friend's fabric, the customer next door caught my eye. I slowly sauntered over and evesdropped on the conversation with the saleswoman. They had chalkboard fabric and these women swore it is the best thing in the universe. They raved and started describing all of the wondrous and amazing projects you could make with this heaven sent roll of fabric. 
AND, they both went on and on about how it has been out of stock for like 17 1/2 years and this one little roll is all they have, and who knows when more might come in!

Well, seriously?!?!

"Don't bother putting it back, cut me a yard too."
They are probably both plants from the fabric company and stand there all day luring victims to this new fangled chalkboard fabric! Call me, "sucker." I know it.

Luckily it was only $4.99 a yard and I had a half off coupon.

So now I have a yard of this chalkboard fabric and need to know what the heck to do with it.

Chef Aprons
 (and I must say, "what lovely first grade teacher penmanship."
Silhouette Pillow
 Work Apron
Lunch Sack
Chalk Cloth Embroidery Hoops

Reusable Gift Tags


Pennant Banner
Embellished Bib


Travel Activity Mat


Mr. Cool T-Shirt


Drawer Labels


Napkin Rings

Playtime Apron


Embelished Flower Pot Cover


So, now I need to narrow it down and decide what to do with this awesome material!

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