Sisal Hanging Lamp

  I wanted, so badly, a hanging lamp in my office. However, we have no ceiling fixture, and my redo is for under $100 and I had almost given up when I saw this...
and this...
Um, I can make papier mach paste, I have yarn, hemp, sisal, I have a bouncy ball from Dollar Tree , and I found a hanging lamp kit at World Market for $9.99.
Hanging lamp here I come!
I whipped together some water, cornstarch, glue, and salt (no measuring-I live on the edge).
I put that whole (half used up) roll of sisal in my gloppy  paste.

 I rolled it around and made sure all the goop got inside the roll and soaked in well. Then, I wound the sisal around my ball.

This was so easy, the sisal just unwound from the middle of the roll so nicely!
(Things seldom work out so easily for me and my hair brained schemes)

I ended up wasting a lot of sisal, I needed much less than I had anticipated.

Then, I let it dry (took about 2 days to get REALLY dry and hard)
Finally, I got to cut the hole, pull out the ball,

and get my fixture (with light bulb attached) in there nice and snug.

I wove some jute around the opening of the shade and tied it to the fixture.

I wound a bunch more around the whole top of the fixture to give it a more finished look.

I hung her up in the corner next to my book page wall art and book page lamp!

So terribly cute and natural.
The texture is great.

It looks super cool at night!

I am pretty impressed with how nicely it turned it out considering there wasn't much of a plan to start with.

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  1. OMG!!!I love it. It´s amazing when turn up the light. Thanks so much.

  2. ooooh! i love it…so glad i stayed to peek around your blog!

  3. Love this idea. Your website oozes inspiration and enthusiasm. I’ll be checking back in regularly!

  4. I wish I would have thought about cutting the hole afterwards. The tutorial I initially saw said to draw a circle on it and leave space there, it was such a pain.


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