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Hi Too Much Time fans! Thank you so much for having me today. My name is Nichole and I am from the blog Bone Tree Farm. Here's a quick intro before I get started telling you about the fabulous open shelves you could be installing in your home in no time. My husband and I recently moved our 3 kids out of the city to a farm on 35 acres. We are trying our hand at raising chickens, ducks and other livestock, growing all of our own food, and making over the barn that has become our house in a modern farmhouse style. It has been a crazy ride so far but so worth it! Come visit us anytime to see what new adventures are taking place on the farm. Now on to our simple DIY open pipe shelves!

The word simple rarely comes to mind when you are talking about a kitchen makeover but these pipe shelves were definitely the easiest part of our whole kitchen project. We had them put together and installed in about an hour. By the end of the day I had them filled with some of my favorite pieces and I was enjoying the BIG impact they made on our little kitchen.

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When we moved into our new place the kitchen was dark with a ton of dark wood cabinets. I knew right away that I wanted to paint the cabinets white to brighten up the place and we repainted the walls a beautiful gray color which has helped so much. The other order of business was to remove a few of the bulky dark cabinets and replace them with open shelving.

pipe_ shelves_ before1

We chose pipe shelving because we loved the look, we knew we could find everything we needed at our local hardware store, and we wanted something unique for our farmhouse kitchen.
To re-create the look you will need to remove any existing cabinets or shelving...

pipe_ shelves_ before4 pipe_ shelves_ before3

It already looks so much better! The new paint color helps too!
Next, go to the hardware store and buy your supplies. We used 1/2" black steel pipes. You will want to wash them before you use them to get the machine oil residue off of them. This will keep your hands cleaner as you work and who wants icky machine oil on your wood or your dishes. An added bonus is that these shelves can be expanded or reduced in either direction by adding or removing hardware to best fit your space. For our shelves we bought the following supplies...

(6) - Round 1/2" flanges to attach the pipes to the wall.
(14) - 1/2" black steel pipes 12" inches in length ( this makes the overall dimensions 40" tall and the width is up to you).
(4) - 1/2" elbows
(4) - 1/2" T-pipe connectors
(6) - 2x6 boards cut to the width needed for your space (ours are 4' long but can be shortened up if needed)
(8) - 3" wood screws



First, screw all of the pipes, elbows, and t-pipes together . THEN, attach them to the flanges and attach the flanges to the wall using the wood screws.


This was a 2 person job for sure! I held those suckers in place while my husband drilled them into position. It's really important to make sure you have these flanges positioned on studs so that your shelves stay put.


We then laid the 2x6 boards on top of the pipes and our shelves were ready to go. You can easily find hardware to secure the wood planks to the pipes if you live in earthquake country, but we don't have any issues with ours moving since the 2x6's are heavy enough.


I change up what is on them from time to time for fun, and added Christmas lights at Christmas time. These shelves have made such a big change in our kitchen and although I worried that open shelves might look cluttered or not be as useful, most of the items on there are our everyday dishware and it is so convenient to have them so accessible!


I would love to have you join the fun over at Bone Tree Farm!

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  1. Nichole’s shelves look great Kim, modern and light.

  2. This is a great idea, and I wish I had known about it before! My problem with most of these ideas is that I have no more wall space!

  3. These look great! Hubs and I are wanting to do something like this in our dining room. Question, what did you use to clean your pipes with?

  4. Hi Karen and Kim,

    He just used dish soap and water to clean them but every single pipe had a barcode sticker on it and he had to use goo- b- gone to get that off.

  5. Love it! I was originally desiring to do something like this in our pantry, but the need for shelving immediately outweighed the time involved in the project so right now it’s not happening. I love yours!!

  6. I love this idea and I can’t wait to try it. It makes such a statement in your kitchen! Fabulous job!

    • Nichole and Ty did an amazing job- When I walked into the barn, I immediatley said, “I am going to need you to come help me do this. Such a beautiful transformation

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