Bringing Nature (and Spring) Into Your Home Decor

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Natural Accents Can Wake Up Your Home

There are times I look around our home and feel stagnant. I feel cooped up and nothing excites me when I look around. That's when I take a look to nature and find a way to bring some of the outdoors in. There is nothing like a bright pop of vibrant colors to wake me up! The ruggedness and textures of natural elements introduces some interest and keep everyone on their toes. Here are some of my favorite and easy ways to bring nature into our home.

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Simple Wreaths

One way I love to introduce some fresh and new excitement into our home is by adding  wreaths to our decor. I keep it simple and natural to remind us of the outdoors. This one adds the bright green color without being too overwhelming and could fit seamlessly into any decor.

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Wall Vinyl and Decals

Decals favorite thing to decorate with. They are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to switch out on a whim. There are TONS of modern and adult decals that you can use in your living spaces without feeling like a kid. Frame them, mount them on a wood panel, or just stick them on the wall. The possibilities are endless.

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Candles and Candle Holders

I try to switch out my candles and candle holders each season. I have a big box where I keep them all and then when the mood hits I easily get a new feel in a cozy corner of my home. These driftwood pieces feel so calm and soothing to me, while reminding of the ocean which always makes me smile.

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Photographs and Prints

Just because you aren't Ansel adams taking gorgeous nature photos doesn't mean you can have them in your home. There are so many reproductions available of any natural scene that your family enjoys.  Being reminded of the vast beauty of the world energizes everyone!

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Pillows and Covers

Adding bright seasonal colors and themes to your couches and chairs is a surefire way to wake things up in your home. I have 8 standard sized throw pillows and change out the covers for holidays and seasons. They extra covers don't take up too much space in my linen closet either!

What do you do to wake up your home when we are stuck in the middle of winter?

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